As you might guess, we’re best known for our honey. It’s pretty simple really. Our bees collect pollen and nectar from the flowering plants within foraging range of their hives. There is a vast diversity of native flowering plants in those areas. The honey produced is a mix of unique flavors that result in a complex harmony to delight any honey connoisseur’s taste buds.

We don’t filter or heat our honey. This is the way honey has been consumed since prehistoric times; the same flavors demanded by ancient Egyptian pharaohs and royalty throughout the ages.


Each spring experienced and new beekeepers alike come to our home apiary to buy bees.

We sell nucs each spring. Our nucs, short for nucleus, consist of 5 frames of drawn comb, some stored honey, some pollen, developing brood in all stages, bees and a queen. For pricing and availability email

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